Maintaining The Filters In Your Car For Better Performance And Reliability

Many things can affect how your car runs, and proper automobile filters used in several systems need regular maintenance to ensure the vehicle runs properly. Each filter has a specific job, and while some are common across most cars, some filters are specific for vehicles with diesel engines or other systems.

Buying Filters 

Some of the filters used on your car or truck are easily changed at home by yourself. However, getting the correct automobile filters for each vehicle is critical to ensure they work as it is designed and fits properly.

An auto parts store will sell the filters you need, and they can look up the parts to get you the proper filter for your vehicle. It is still essential to double-check the part number on the filter you are removing to ensure the new and old ones are the same, but unless you have the filter off of the vehicle and can take it with you, checking the fitment guides is the best option when buying new filters. 

Specialty Filters

Some of the automobile filters that are on your car or truck are very specific, and you must select the right one. The oil and transmission filters remove very fine particles of dirt and metal from the oil or fluid, and the filters must be able to perform that task efficiently. 

Using a substandard or poor-fitting filter could result in issues that can cause permanent damage to the engine or transmission. The vehicle manufacturer will specify the automobile filter type and when to change it in the owner's manual that came with the car, so take some time to read the maintenance section when you purchase a new vehicle.

Diesel-powered vehicles will typically use several additional filters that need regular maintenance. The fuel filter on a diesel engine is often as large as an oil filter on some gas engines and requires maintenance far more often than the smaller one on a gas engine. 

Service And Maintenance

You can wait until your car goes to the service shop for regular maintenance and have a technician replace the filters for you. However, if you own your vehicle and are no longer on a factory service schedule, it is still important to change the filters and maintain the systems yourself. 

Older, well-maintained cars and trucks will continue to run trouble-free for years after the warranty has passed. Changing the automobile filters and fluids can keep your older car running for a long time and reduce performance loss while keeping the reliability up as you continue to drive it. 

Contact a local auto shop to learn more about car filters.