Two Tips To Help You Save Money When Buying Auto Parts From A Salvage Yard

If you need to replace parts on your car, purchasing used versions from a local salvage yard is a good way to save money.  Although the cars in salvage yards may not be fully functional, they often have perfectly good parts that you can buy at a great rate.  However, if you're low on funds, you may need some tips on getting an even better deal when buying parts from a salvage dealer.  Use this information to learn two techniques that can help you save even more money when buying auto parts from a salvage yard.

Bring Your Own Tools

After you've found a car in the salvage yard that has the parts that you need, the next step is to have them removed from the vehicle.  If the salvage lot has to provide a worker to do this for you, they may charge a heftier fee.  That's why you should show up at the lot with your own tools.

Removing the part yourself is a great way to save.  Ask the lot worker what the price will be if they remove it, then ask if you can receive a discount for removing the part yourself.  Since the lot won't have to spend money or time on manpower, they may be willing to offer you a deeply discounted price that's better for your budget.

If you aren't familiar with removing parts from cars, ask a handy friend or family member to accompany you to get the job done.

Bring Cash

Some salvage yards are leery of accepting credit cards as payment.  They may have been burned in the past by people who purchased parts with a credit card, only to dispute the transaction if they find that the part they bought isn't right for their car.

You can leverage this by bringing cash.  The salvage lot workers may give you a better rate if you pay with cash because it is then a final sale.  Let the workers know that you are fully prepared to pay with cash and understand that there are no returns.  You can then negotiate the rate that works for both you and the establishment.

Getting a great price for used parts at a salvage yard doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  The next time you're going to purchase auto parts from a salvage lot, keep these tips in mind so you can save big. To learn more, contact a company like U Pull & Pay.