Three Helpful Tips For Extending The Life Of A Water Pump

A water pump is one of those auto parts no one pays much attention to until the day comes when it fails. The minute a water pump ceases to work, a car is going to immediately overheat. People have a tendency to put off water pump replacement work even though the owner's manual suggests making a change at specific mileage points. While the water pump itself is relatively inexpensive, the labor for the replacement is costly. Thankfully, there are a few ways to extend the life of a water pump and reduce the potential for a roadside emergency.

Dealing with an Aging Water Pump

The clear signs that a water pump may need to be replaced are hard to ignore. Leaking trails of fluid underneath the car combined with the formerly quiet pump becoming noisy indicate the part is wearing out. During the early stages, there may be a few ways to delay repair work and keep the pump working a little longer.

  • Add Lubricants

A special water pump fluid can be poured into the radiator, which then helps seal the water leaks and lubricate the bearings. The added lubrication for the bearings keeps them from wearing out and the leak sealant keeps fluid from causing harm to other parts inside the vehicle.

  • Cut Down on Air Conditioner Use

Reducing the work the water pump has to perform means less wear and tear. The air conditioner in a vehicle requires coolant so keeping the AC on is going to put more work on the water pump. If opening the window is enough to make driving comfortable, then do this. Continually stressing a worn out water pump is not going to extend its life.

  • Reduce Extended or Unnecessary Driving or Idling Time

Taking a 500 mile round trip is absolutely not advisable when the water pump -- or any part -- is wearing out. Nor is sitting in gridlocked traffic day after day with the engine running. Such extra use overworks the pump for extended time and mileage and increases the chances of a breakdown.

Eventually, the time for repair work will come. When it does, finding a auto repair shop with reasonable prices becomes the next step to take.

Search for Affordable Auto Repair Shops

There is always someone willing to provide a deal. Running a search through an online repair estimator helps connects drivers with services available to replace water pumps with an appropriate budget. Researching local estimates long before the pump is thousands of miles past due for a change is advised. Finding an inexpensive shop is going to be difficult when a vehicle breaks down 30 miles from home on the highway at 7PM.

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