Things You Need to Know When Buying a Battery For Your ATV

ATV batteries in your four-wheeler, side by side, or recreational vehicle won't last forever, so you should know what to replace it with. There are some things you need to know about ATV batteries such as how to find the dead battery, find a replacement, and insert the new battery. 

Finding Your Battery

locating the battery on your ATV can be tricky because they are not always in the same place. Many manufactures locate ATV batteries under the seat, but they can also be mounted in the frame and even under the fuel tank, so start by checking the owners manual for information about where the battery is and how to access it. 

If you don't have the owner's manual for your ATV, you can usually find a copy online that you can download or read on your computer. The manufacturer's website often has sections that allow you to find the make and model of your ATV then download the owner's manual that goes with it. 

Determining the Right Battery

When you find the battery, you can remove it from your ATV and look for any model numbers or other information that is on it to help determine what replacement battery you need. The owner's manual should list the part number; if you need help, the manufacturer should carry the same model number. You can use this number to find a replacement model through an ATV battery supplier or a motorcycle shop. 

You need to know if the battery is a six or twelve-volt battery, and you need to match the terminals up to the new battery so that the positive and negative connections reach the terminals when you install the battery in your ATV. The case size should be the same if you are using the same model number, but you can measure the old battery then check the new ATV batteries you are considering to ensure that they have the same size case. 

Installing the Battery

When you are ready to put the new battery into your ATV, it is a good idea to wipe out the battery box and remove any debris that might have gotten in when you were riding. ATV batteries are durable, but if there is a pebble or stick in the box, it could poke a hole in the battery's case and damage it. 

When you are at the ATV battery supply, pick up some dielectric grease and coat the terminals on the battery with it. The grease will allow power to flow through but will keep water and corrosion from affecting the connection, creating a much more dependable battery connection and reducing problems with the machine not starting.