3 Of The Most Commonly Salvaged Auto Parts

If you've owned a vehicle, you know that maintenance and parts can be extensive and time-consuming. An average modern car is comprised of over 30,000 separate parts, each as delicate and finely tuned as the last. Some components are exhausted in months, others in years. As the vehicle owner, you'll need to get these parts replaced. While you can, of course, visit your local parts shop for new parts or order new parts online, there is a thrifty and efficient parts replacement trend that has taken hold of the auto industry.

This trend is called salvage auto parts. These parts are recycled and reclaimed from an estimated 12 million vehicles in the USA that reach the end of their lifespan each year. Using salvaged parts can save motorists up to 80% on replacement parts. As you can see, the industry is growing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Among the salvaged parts, some are more common than the rest. Here are three of the most commonly salvaged auto parts.

Oil Filters

It's no surprise that oil filters are recycled very frequently. These filters require replacement once every three months and are among the most quickly degrading vehicle parts. By recycling oil filters, you can quickly amass an abundance of steel and leftover motor oil. Interestingly enough, motor oil doesn't run out from use and instead becomes dirty. Once retrieved, recyclers can clean the oil for reuse by future motorists.


Vehicle batteries are among the most commonly recycled parts on the planet. In fact, in the USA, an estimated 98 - 99% of vehicle batteries can be recycled. This incredible statistic is assisted by legislation requiring used batteries to be sent to recycling facilities or even the original manufacturer. It is reasonably common to find reusable vehicle batteries in salvage yards. These batteries can also be easily refurbished using distilled water and Epsom salts.


Tire flats and tread wear are common occurrences, so it's no surprise that spare tires are highly sought-after. In addition, tires are not biodegradable because they are made of rubber. This fact increases the incentive to salvage, reuse, or recycle them. Vehicle tires are typically designed to last around 50,000 miles, which means that you can frequently spot usable and even new tires at a salvage yard.


Auto parts salvaging is here to stay. If you'd like to get started with salvaging auto parts, reach out to a salvage business, such as Trusty Pick-A-Part.