5 Telltale Signs That Your Auto Needs Transmission Car Repair Services

As with any other vehicle component, early detection of transmission problems prevents further damage. Also, you can save a lot in terms of hefty car repair costs if you seek early transmission repairs. So, you are better off if you recognize the telltale signs that your transmission is in trouble and in need of a visit to the car repair shop.

1. Slipping Gears 

Slipping gears is a dangerous ordeal that may cause accidents. You can tell your transmission has slipped if you hear your engine revving when you change gears. Besides, you will feel like your car has no road traction. Other symptoms of slipped gears include a harsh response when you shift gears and delayed acceleration. Therefore, an immediate transmission car repair is vital when you experience slipped gears.

2. Grinding Gears

If your gears grind, you could have different underlying problems based on whether your car is manual or automatic. For example, due to wear and tear, you may need a clutch replacement for manual vehicles. Gear grinds could also mean that the transmission slips and shifts you to another gear as you drive in one gear. You may also notice that your engine whines or sounds bogged down.

You don't want to drive when unsure of how your transmission behaves. Therefore, seek a transmission car repair when you experience grinding gears.

3. Burnt Smell

A burnt smell often occurs when your transmission overheats or the transmission fluid becomes old and burnt. Overheated transmission fluid makes your engine run hot, contributing to excess debris, corrosion, and premature wear. Therefore, seek immediate car repair services to diagnose and repair the issue when you experience a burnt smell around your bonnet or dashboard.

4. Leaky Fluid

One of the easiest problems to identify is leaky transmission fluid. The fluid is red and has a sweet scent but can turn to a darker color and toaster smell when past its prime. You can check for a transmission leak if you find suspicious fluids on the floor of your parking lot.

For a more detailed inspection, warm up your engine with a short drive and inspect the transmission dipstick that marks the proper fluid level. If you discover any anomaly, reach out to a car repair specialist near you for a fix.

5. Noises When in Neutral

Unusual noise on neutral gear often signifies something wrong with your transmission. In minor cases, the noises may call for a change of transmission fluid. However, your car may need a replacement or major transmission repair service from a car repair expert. In most cases, the first remedies are usually to refill any low fluids or change the gears bearings.


Something is off if you notice weird behaviors in your car operation. Therefore, don't ignore any of the above signs. Instead, visit your local car repair expert, who will identify whether you need transmission repair replacement or any other car repair service. Otherwise, you may face more costly repairs or endanger your life and that of other road users if you ignore the above issues.